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Blockchain 101 Episode 56 – What is Proof of Stake PoS Consensus Mechanism?

Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, Also known as POS, is similar to depositing your money in a bank where interest […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 55 – What is Proof of Work PoW Consensus Mechanism?

Proof of Work is a type of Consensus Mechanism that can simply be understood as proof of certain amount of […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 54 – What is Blockchain Consensus Mechanism

In the blockchain network, there are no centralized bookkeeping institutions such as banks to ensure the consistency of every transaction. […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 53 – The feature of blockchain asset non replicable

The fourth feature of cryptocurrency is that it is non-replicable. Disseminating information online is through replication. When I send a […]

How to Trade on Margin in Digital Assets

From 14 – 21 August, stand a chance to win 20 HT with our #HuobiMarginTradingQuiz! Click here for more information. […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 52 – The feature of blockchain asset Distributed ledger

The third feature of cryptocurrency is its distributed ledger. Your transaction request on a blockchain will not be delayed because […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 51 – Feature of Cryptocurrency Anonymity

The second notable feature of cryptocurrency is its anonymity. It means no one can find out how much assets you […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 50 – Feature of Cryptocurrencies – Borderless

Cryptocurrencies have several unique features, one of them being borderless. Cryptocurrencies thrive on the internet. It can be sent to […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 49 – How do we categorise Blockchains

There are three main categories of blockchain; public chain, permissioned blockchain and the consortium-led Blockchain. As the technology matures, other […]

Explosive Discussion between EOS Block Producers

Huobi Talk Episode 36: Explosive Discussion between EOS Block Producers – ECAF, RAM, Voting Written by Huobi volunteer. Published […]