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Blockchain 101 Episode 75 – Anonymous Cryptocurrency – ZCash

ZCash, also known as Zero Cash or ZEC was founded by Zooko Wilcox, and created on November 9th 2011. Zcash […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 74 – Anonymous Cryptocurrency – Monero

Monero, abbreviated as XMR, debuted on April 18th 2014, 3 months after Dash. The total supply is capped at 18.44 […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 73 – Anonymous Crypto Asset – Dash

Dash debuted on January 1st, 2014, offering a higher degree of anonymity than Bitcoin. Dash has 3 transaction options. First […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 72 – Crypto asset – New Economy Movement NEM

New Economy Movement, abbreviated as NEM, was created on April 1st, 2015. It was the first cryptocurrency to be built […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 71 – Cryptocurrency Litecoin

Litecoin, abbreviated as LTC, was created by Charlie Lee. on November 9th 2011. Litecoin’s aim was to improve on Bitcoin. […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 70 – Blockchain Projects – Cryptocurrrencies

First type of blockchain projects is Cryptocurrrencies which are one of the first to appear. Examples of Cryptocurrrencies are Bitcoin […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 69 – Classification and Application of Blockchain Projects

Judging from the current mainstream blockchain project, There are 4 main types of Blockchain projects First: Cryptocurrencies Second: Platforms Third: […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 68 – Hard Fork Ethereum & Ethereum Classic

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is a case study of a hard fork. The DAO plan builds a crowdfunding platform based […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 67 – What is a Replay Attack?

If Bitcoin experiences a fork, the biggest risk faced by an average user Is a replay attack. What is it? […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 66 – What is the difference between soft fork and hard fork?

For hard forks, after the change in Bitcoin protocol, old nodes will reject blocks created by new nodes since it […]