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Blockchain 101 Episode 42 – What’s the relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain?

Blockchain is Bitcoin’s underlying technology, and Bitcoin was its very first application. As mentioned before, each Bitcoin transaction is recorded […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 41 – Can I use Bitcoin as a form of payment

As a digital currency, Bitcoin is an accepted payment method in countries such as Japan and Germany. Most merchants accept […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 40 – Full node and lightweight wallets

Previously, we introduced different types of wallets and their main purpose of storing the private key, address and blockchain data. […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 39 – Cold wallet vs hot wallet

Depending how you store your private key, Bitcoin wallets can be differentiated into cold or hot wallets. Cold wallets are […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 38 – Why use Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is entirely virtual and can be stored in a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 37 – What are cryptocurrency trading pairs?

With the increasing number of cryptocurrencies, traditional trading pairings between fiat and cryptocurrencies can no longer satisfy the needs of […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 36 – What is a decentralized exchange platform?

Many decentralized exchange platforms have emerged since 2013. There are a few differences when comparing with centralized platforms. Firstly, decentralized […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 35 – How does over the counter trading work?

In an OTC, also known as Over-the-counter trading, buyers and sellers quote prices and trade with each other without the […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 34 – What is Quantitative Trading?

Quantitative trading, sometimes known as algorithmic trading, utilizes advanced mathematic models instead of our subjective judgment. It removes human emotions, […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 33 – How to invest in cryptocurrencies through an exchange platform?

Compared to peer-to-peer trading or mining, purchasing cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms is by far the most common way of investing […]