Category: Monthly Recaps

Huobi Monthly Recap – November 2018

Huobi DM Launch: Last month, we announced the launch of Huobi Derivatives Market (HBDM). HBDM allows users the opportunity to trade on both rising and falling cryptocurrency prices and provides advanced tools for controlling risks […]

Huobi Monthly Recap – October 2018

HUSD Launch Last month, we announced the launch of HUSD, our new proprietary all-in-one stablecoin solution. We believe that HUSD will act as a very effective protection against market uncertainty and price fluctuations in stablecoins, […]

Huobi Monthly Recap – September 2018

It has been a busy month at Huobi! As you can see, September was a month packed full of events, and big announcements from Huobi Group. For October and the rest of the calendar year, […]

Huobi Monthly Recap – August

There is a saying that a day in the 24/7 digital assets marketplace is a year in the corporate world. Significant changes to the regulatory, technological, and economic environment occur on a daily basis. At […]