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Blockchain 101 Episode 72 – Crypto asset – New Economy Movement NEM

New Economy Movement, abbreviated as NEM, was created on April 1st, 2015. It was the first cryptocurrency to be built using test-driven development. What is test-driven development? It is the carrying out of tests before […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 71 – Cryptocurrency Litecoin

Litecoin, abbreviated as LTC, was created by Charlie Lee. on November 9th 2011. Litecoin’s aim was to improve on Bitcoin. Hence it shares many similarities with Bitcoin and is commonly thought of as the “silver” […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 70 – Blockchain Projects – Cryptocurrrencies

First type of blockchain projects is Cryptocurrrencies which are one of the first to appear. Examples of Cryptocurrrencies are Bitcoin and Litecoin. There are also anonymous cryptocurrencies. The main functions include payment settlement and protecting […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 69 – Classification and Application of Blockchain Projects

Judging from the current mainstream blockchain project, There are 4 main types of Blockchain projects First: Cryptocurrencies Second: Platforms Third: Utility Tokens Fourth: Asset Tokens Cryptocurrencies serve as a medium of exchange in the blockchain […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 68 – Hard Fork Ethereum & Ethereum Classic

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is a case study of a hard fork. The DAO plan builds a crowdfunding platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. It was officially released in May 2016 and ended in June […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 67 – What is a Replay Attack?

If Bitcoin experiences a fork, the biggest risk faced by an average user Is a replay attack. What is it? When Bitcoin split into different versions, such as BTC1, 2 or 3 etc, each Bitcoin […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 66 – What is the difference between soft fork and hard fork?

For hard forks, after the change in Bitcoin protocol, old nodes will reject blocks created by new nodes since it does not conform to the rules. Miners will follow the original rule, creating a new […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 65 – Bitcoin giving birth

There are many proposed scaling solutions from the Bitcoin Community. If any solution receives enough hashrate support it will be activated, and the Bitcoin network avoids a fork. However, Bitcoin has no central authority, making […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 64 – What is a blockchain fork?

In a centralized system, to perform software upgrades, you simply need to click on “Upgrade” in the app store. However, in a decentralized blockchain system, upgrading is not an easy task and might even create […]