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Huobi Prime’s 2nd Launch: 2 Billion NEW Sold

In its second ever launch, Huobi Prime’s pioneering platform for emerging premium coins has again met with  huge demand. 17,863 […]

How To Use Huobi Prime: The Complete Guide [2nd Launch Edition]

Have questions on how to participate in the Huobi Prime launch of NEW, the native token for the Newton Project? […]

Vol.16: Bitcoin searches increased, while EOS searches decreased

HB10’s price decreased by 17.70% this week & searches for Bitcoin increased, while searches for EOS decreased Brought to you […]

Vol.14: Ethereum’s miner’s fee fell sharply

HB10 index decreased by 9.31 % & Ethereum’s miner’s fee fell sharply   Brought to you by Huobi Research Weekly […]

Blockchain 101: Episode 19 – What are Bitcoin nodes?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Or, node-to-node. In every transaction, the sender sends information to surrounding nodes, which […]

Vol.13: HB10 significantly increased by 19.06% & The EOS code has the highest level of activity

Huobi Research of Blockchain Application generates a weekly cryptocurrency market review report called Huobi Research Weekly, and following is the abstract. […]

Blockchain 101: Episode 18 – What is a Bitcoin address?

Bitcoin address is made up of random alphanumerical characters. There are 26 to 35 characters in an address and they […]

Blockchain 101: Episode 17 – Why are Bitcoin transactions charged by bytes?

Our banks usually charge a fee based on a percentage of the transaction amount we are sending. For example, 0.5% […]

Singapore Blockchain Industry Development Seminar 2018

Held earlier today was the Singapore Blockchain Industry Development Seminar Series — The First Seminar on Exchanges’ Project Screening and […]

Blockchain 101: Episode 16 – What’s the fee for Bitcoin transactions?

Bitcoin transaction fees give Bitcoin miners an incentive to include transactions into their blocks and provide sufficient hashing power, securing […]