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Blockchain 101: Episode 21 – The digital signature of Bitcoin

The digital signature can only be generated by the Bitcoin sender. It’s a series of tamper-proof code. By verifying this […]

Blockchain 101: Episode 20 – What happens after I initiate a Bitcoin transaction?

When you initiate a Bitcoin transaction, the information is broadcasted to the whole network, after mining nodes receive the information, […]

Huobi Group “CHAINGE” Press Conference in Singapore

Huobi Group Launches the Huobi Chain and Announces Brand Upgrades Huobi Group, the leading blockchain asset solutions provider, made several […]

OTC Exclusive: Huobi MEETUP in Hanoi, Vietnam

Earlier today, Huobi MEETUP [OTC Exclusive] was successfully held in Hanoi, Vietnam; at The Vuon. A VERY BIG Thank you […]