Month: September 2018

Blockchain 101 Episode 89 – Which are the fields suited for the application of blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized system for the transfer of value. Its records are open, transparent, immutable, global and incur low transaction costs. It is suitable for scenarios where trust cannot be established, or too costly […]

Huobi Pushes Crypto Industry To Embrace Stronger Security Measures

What can exchanges like Huobi Global do to help the cryptocurrency revolution live up to its full potential?  For one thing, they can help ensure that clients feel safe – and, even more importantly, are […]

Vol.14: Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights

All data in this report was captured and analyzed by Huobi Research; please cite the source “Huobi Data Analytics Weekly” for reference. Abstract All data in this report was captured and analyzed by Huobi Research; please […]

Receive 2BTC For Connecting Us With A Future Huobi Global Elite

Want to earn 2BTC? Huobi has announced it will be giving away a 2BTC referral fee to anyone who connects us with a successful candidate for our Huobi Global Elite program. Aimed at establishing strategic […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 88 – What are the drawbacks of blockchain

There are many positive aspects of blockchain but its drawbacks are also evident. The information on a blockchain is public and transparent which prevents any private alterations. However, this also means that once an individual’s […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 87 – Can Blockchain change the world like the internet

The internet is where the transmission of information is decentralized. Blockchain is a system where the transfer of value is decentralized. Both have been held as technological breakthroughs that ushered in a new era. The […]

Vol.27: Rebound falters as Goldman Sachs postpones setting up of trading desk

Brought to you by Huobi Research Weekly – published by Huobi Research of Blockchain Application. Download it below. Huobi Research of Blockchain Application generates a weekly cryptocurrency market review report called Huobi Research Weekly, and following […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 85 – Asset Tokenization – USDT, Backed by US Dollar

USDT is a token backed by the US Dollar and issued by Tether. 1 USDT is equal to 1 USD, Users can convert USDT to USD at a 1 : 1 exchange rate. Tether implemented […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 84 – Asset Tokenization – Digix, Gold Backed Token

Gold is an unparalleled safe haven asset. Digix tokens is the gold of digital assets. Abbreviated as DGX, it functions as a safe haven in the crypto world. How is DGX backed by gold? It […]